Mess and Messi

Did you guys watched yesterday’s (06/30/18) match?? I did. And I support Argentina. Yes, you guessed right. I am a Messi fan.

I am a die-hard fan of Messi. I support him through thick and thin. And when yesterday they lost the match I cried. I literally cried. It was a knockout match, which means if they lose they are out. And Argentina is out of world cup. But my point is not that. My point is the blame people give to Messi after losing the match. It’s a team game. If they go down then they go down as a team. Not only Messi. If they fail, the whole team is to be blamed, not only Messi. But unfortunately some people criticise only him. They give hatred messages and comments to him. In a recent interview Messi’s mom said that he had seen his child to cry. He cries alone. Where are the fans then??

If you are a fan of someone then respect them everytime, whether they win or lose. Support them if your team lose. Your support means a lot to them. And remember you will not succeed everytime but if you lose, give your 100% and then lose.

How Days Changes


Firstly I wanna WELCOME everyone. And secondly whoever is reading this I hope YOU have a good day.

So I started blogging because I got free time. My college admissions are going on and I have nothing to do except waiting. Today I want to share a story of mine, my struggles which I think you all can refer.

I am a bio science student from a middle class family. And yes, you have guessed right. Unlike every other parents my parents also want me to become a doctor. Now the question is do I want to?? Well to be honest I  never dreamed myself as a doctor.  I saw myself as an author. Yes a horrifying dream for an average girl like me. So I passed class 12 not with flying colours. I dropped  year for taking preparation for my medical exams. Got admitted in coaching class. Life became hard after that. My friends moved to Kolkata, a bigger city for better coaching classes. Well I stayed in my small city as my dad was not ready to leave me alone. As my friends moved, our friendship moved too. Slowly I lost my contacts. People stopped calling on my birthdays. No midnight wishing. I turned 18 and I became mature. Well I became mature not because I turned 18 but because I started living alone. So now let me explain what “Living Alone” means.

I was surrounded with people, mom, dad, neighbours, batchmates from coaching class but no one were so close to me so that I can share everything. I thought that it is time for me to open up. I started connecting with my batchmates. And I got two new friends. They were simple and good. But as you know no one can be compared with the friends of your school. Same here. Both of them were  from different schools and different places. Though we talked, laughed and shared some of our things but I never became at all close to them.

Things start to fall apart more before four months of my entrance exam. MY classes at coaching class stopped. Now it was time for revision. Home study. I deactivated my Facebook and Whatsapp account. Only my Instagram was on because I followed most of the celebrities there. And I have less friends in Instagram. Books were the only thing which I saw every morning and night, everytime. I studied hard. My connection with outer world was almost gone. Now my only goal was to get chance in medical college. I barely left my room. Talked less with my parents and sister. For entertainment or in my break I would listen music or watch TV. That’s all. I used to cry in nights in fear of losing everything, in fear of losing my parents love. Sometimes I thought I need a therapist ( I still think I need it). I never said anyone how I feel. I kept it all to myself and used to burst out at night, crying when everyone was asleep. But still I failed. I failed to be successful.

I gave my medical exam and other small entrance exams for admission in colleges. Now it was time to wait for my results. And I waited. The results were out. I qualified. Now you guys are thinking what could be bad with me if I got qualified. Well getting qualified is not the last thing. I went for my physical verification at R.G.Kar Medical college. After doing physical verification you have to wait for merit list. Those students whose name will be published in merit list they can apply for college locking. Once you apply for college locking you have to wait again to see  whether you have got any college or not. After that you can apply for final admission. Long process, huh?? Well I was done with my physical verification and was waiting for the first merit list. So Dad said he wants my name in first merit list because waiting for second and third merit list will decrease my chance in getting medical  college. The wait was over. My name was published in the first merit list. But my Dad was not satisfied. My Dad and my Mom both were not satisfied because my name was merit list but not in first 150. Sad?? Yes I was. Not because my name was not in first 150. But because my parents were sad because of me. Now I just wanna ask one question was there any my fault?? If you can find please say me.

Next day Dad went to office (he works out of town). Mom’s mood was off. When I asked her what happened she said that she is in tension whether I will get any chance in medical college or not. She couldn’t sleep well. My heart sank. There was 60-40 chance of me not getting and getting chance in medical college.

On the other hand I got chance in Government college to study B.Sc Honours on Microbiology. As thought my parents were not happy with that because that’s not my target. I just wanna ask one question. I f I don’t become a doctor then my life will end??

Now my future is in hands of Medical counsellor.